Our Members

Members Comments:

Networking is very much a part of business. The concept of UBN supports the idea of building up friendships and connections. The talks and discussions have enabled me to meet and hear others ideas about the challenges of work and faith.
– Heather Morgan

“A really positive way to be living and worshipping in the community”

“Lunch can be a busy time but good to stop and hear how others face the challenge of work and faith”

“I have been involved in the Uniting Business Network since its inception over 10 years ago. I have valued my participation in it, as a local lawyer in North Sydney; meeting and getting to know other locals in the business community of North Sydney. As well as this I have benefitted from meeting many other people from a variety of faiths and backgrounds and enjoyed hearing many excellent and inspiring talks on a range of subjects over the years.”
Andrew R Corish

“Mix of business and real life”

“Great to meet others who work in North Sydney”

“The wide range of speakers and topics has opened up my horizons and allowed me to see how others have successfully tackled difficult and uncertain situations. This has been inspirational.”
– Peter Kofler

“I have really learnt something today. Others should come and hear.”

“Good to have another point of view”

“A group like the Uniting Business Network provides a valuable space for thoughtful business people and professionals to relate their occupations to their broader belief framework. It also results in some warm friendships.”
– John Court