Leading from a Christian Perspective

Dr Graham Pratt
Head of the Master of Arts in Leadership & Applied Ethics, program offered by Wesley Institute

Previous Event: 14th June 2012

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Leading from a Christian Perspective

How can you acquire leadership skills?

Dr Graham Pratt
Head of the Master of Arts in Leadership & Applied Ethics

Talk overview:

Dr Pratt has achieved much and still is, in his interesting  career dealing with management and teaching.  He is a unique person combining the roles of businessman, teacher and researcher. Dr Pratt’s talk will  summarise  the argument of a professor from Fuller Seminary in USA namely,  that God calls some Christians to be leaders, gifts them, and then in a mysterious way develops them over their entire lives. He will  support this from the results of his research with local Christian CEOs.

About the speaker:

Dr Graham Pratt has  travelled  widely overseas.   He has earned  many acheivements, and retired on “three” occassions only to be called back again.

Presently, Doctor Pratt is Program Head, Master  of Arts  ( Leadership  & Applied Ethics), at the Wesley Institute. He gained his doctorate at the University of Nebraska, USA and has a string of Post-Graduate degrees including two from  the University of Sydney.

Dr Pratt has held Senior Management positions in several public sector organizations and been both a key administrator and teacher of Management  in many educational institutions, especially at the University of Technology.   He has  co-authored  two books , and published numerous  journal articles. Dr Pratt is currently doing research on  Christian CEO’s paying special attention to how they have acquired their leadership skills.

Born into a Christian family, Graham learned at an early age the Gospel story and the reality of God’s call on his life. He has worshipped in Baptist, Anglican and Presbyterian churches, serving as Administrator, Deacon, and Church Secretary and in the Music Ministry team. He currently conducts a choir in his local church and co-leads a Bible Study group. He is happily married to the lovely Dianne and they are parents to five sons and 3, soon to be 4, grandchildren.